June: Peace, Love, & Transformation Fundraiser


This month, we had our largest fundraiser yet at Billy’s Ice in New Braunfels, Texas. Not only did four talented artists perform - Michael Anthony Rodriguez of Broken Duckfeet (backed by Michael Vybiral and Avery Arroyave), Cedars, Salubrious Fox, and Seth James & Jessica Walker - but actual survivors shared their stories for the large crowd. Many thanks to Kyle Law Firm, Kuper-Sotheby’s International Realty, Queen of Hearts, Buttermilk Cafe, Canyon Lake Income Tax, and Ernesto’s Jewelry

The t-shirts and logo were designed by NB Signs & Designs, Thomas Polansky of Crystal Clear Sounds provided audio mixing, and a wide range of vendors donated silent auction items.

May: Sunshine & Blue Skies + McKenna Foundation


This month, it was possible to transform two rooms, thanks to a generous grant and a team of almost 30 volunteers from the McKenna Foundation. The central challenge of ‘Sunshine & Blue Skies’ was to incorporate design elements for each of the rooms’ residents, while still conserving space. A mother, baby, and toddler slept in the Blue Skies room, while their three older siblings slept in the Sunshine room.


Dux: The Family Promise Bed Race


Last month, a team of Reduxers had the opportunity to take part in the annual Family Promise Bed Race. Similar to a soapbox car derby, the bed race required teams to construct mobile, steerable cars out of a basic bed frame - complete with a mattress. This year’s team (pictured, left to right) - Michael, Mariah, Camden, and Reagan - put together a car modeled after a duck nest. They even came home with an award! Many thanks to the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung for sponsoring this year’s entry.