Welcome to Room Redux, where healing and transformation go hand in hand. We are compassionately dedicated to encouraging healing and improving the lives of children who have faced abuse, through room transformation. Often, abuse occurs in a child’s own room. This can link the room to feelings of fear and aversion, causing the child to avoid it entirely. We give children new rooms in which they can feel comfortable and safe!


I wanted to walk you through my experience with Room Redux.  They truly are an amazing organization! At first when I was approached by my daughter’s counselor about the opportunity, I will admit that I had felt a little emotional about it. It made me feel bad because I thought people figured I couldn’t take care of my kid well enough, but if you feel like this just know this is not at all what anyone thinks!  I learned this from going through this experience. I agreed to let Room Redux come and take a look at my daughter (and her two siblings) room.  When Susie came and I saw her face and all the excitement and planning spinning in her brain you can clearly see that this group truly just wants to help to make your little guy or girl feel special!  All of the volunteers that came were super sweet and did an amazing job. Now when she came and looked at the room I had no idea what could be done because it’s three kids in one room - that’s just how it has to be sometimes - but oh my gosh I could not believe the transformation and all of the intricate and thoughtful details.  These little thoughtful details are what made all of my kids feel so loved!  This to me is what really shows the lasting impression on what this group has done.  For days after the room was complete we were still finding and noticing new things that they did.  It was like a puzzle of love.  My daughter loved everything so much it was nice to see a smile on her face again.  She could not be happier with her new comfy space!
Thank you and all of your volunteers for giving your time, hearts, and energy!  You made a difference in our lives.

~mother of a 16-year old girl, 9-year old boy, and 8-year old girl.

The blessing from my daughter’s new room really made an impact in our spirit - we decorated this year! Family has been coming today to see her beautiful room transformation! It has been years since we decorated for Christmas. She would sleep with me. Friday was the first day she slept all night in her room in years. You made a difference in her life! And I am truly grateful that our good Lord blessed us with Room Redux! Thank you so much!”

~mother of a 15-year old girl

I thank God for His angels that walk amongst us! God bless all of you who bless others! You are truly a blessing! When my son saw his room, he asked, “Did the angel people do this?”

~mother of a 17-year old boy

On December 10, 2018, Room Redux came and did my son’s bedroom. I cried when I saw the room because it made a huge impact on my son’s self esteem and it could not have come at a better time than at Christmas. When he got home from school and saw his room, he was so happy that people who didn’t know him loved and cared for him enough to give him such a wonderful gift. For a few months, he has been kinda down, so for him to have his room redone was a gigantic blessing from God working through organizations like Room Redux. I can’t thank Room Redux enough and all of the people associated with it. Not only did they make my son’s day, they made my day. They went above and beyond what I expected. Thanks for all of what y’all do to bring happiness to every child’s face and life. I can’t thank you enough for what y’all have given my son.

~ L.H., mother of a 17-year old boy

One of the horrors of the world that I just cannot wrap my head around is that there are children in this world who are victims of sexual abuse. It makes me physically ill that innocent children are victimized. Every person needs a safe place to heal. For many people, they retreat to their bedrooms to curl up, cry, sleep, relax, and process. Imagine a child whose bedroom was the place of horrific abuse. How can that child begin to heal? Room Redux surprises a child by doing a room makeover so they, as opposed to reliving the horror every time they enter their room, may enter a room that has been redesigned with their tastes and interests. They change the narrative so their bedroom is a place of joy and safety. I know your Facebook feed is full of people asking for donations to many worthy causes. I ask that you consider donating to Room Redux. I have been witness to the hard work and dedication of so many volunteers who not only spend the day doing a remodel - they spend weeks and months planning, building, painting, shopping, and coordinating. And to see the pure joy on a child’s face when they know that this is now their safe space overwhelms me with emotion every. single. time.

~Nicole B., donor and volunteer

The importance of room transformation in the therapeutic healing process is a key aspect that I feel has not been utilized as much as it should. As therapists, there is only so much we can do within our office for 50 minutes a week. Yes, a client can process their trauma and develop coping skills, but that same child may be going back home every day and night to their room where the abuse has usually occurred. They possibly may be reliving their abusive experience or continuing to exhibit post traumatic symptoms due to the fact that their bedroom is a constant reminder or trigger of the abuse. Room transformations with Room Redux offer children a fresh start.

~McKenzie W., therapist.


Room Redux is right on track in helping children heal from the trauma of abuse. What a practical way to make a difference in a child's life! A new room, a new view, a new perspective! Brilliant! You are showing that these children are valued and cared for by giving them a beautiful new sanctuary in which to heal. Thank you for your work in promoting the healing process!

~Tina A., MA, LPC.


What a beautiful process. I am privileged to have been able to be a volunteer at several remodeling projects with Room Redux, and it is truly inspiring to see a group of people who truly care about children working together to help someone they've never met and, likely, never will meet. One of my favorite parts of the process is Room Redux's insistence on remaining as anonymous as possible: when the focus is pulled away from the individual, there's much more room for cooperation and focus on what really matters. I would be honored to take part in more room transformations with Room Redux - and I hope to see you there!

~Gabriel V., volunteer